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Annual Open Innovation in Life Sciences Conference

Sharing research, career development, and connecting academia, industry, and society.

The Open Innovation in Life Sciences conference is a premier life science conference motivated and organized by early career researchers. The program consists of keynote lectures, science pitches, poster sessions, and panel discussions that aim to:

  • Foster interactions among early career researchers in all life science fields as well as explore career development in the context of open science.

  • Enhance interactions between academia, industry, and society by bringing together all relevant stakeholder groups to discuss topics pertaining to open science and innovation.

The overarching scientific theme of the OILS24 conference this year is Aging in the Digital Age, where together we will explore the growing role of Artificial Intelligence in driving Open Innovation to support Aging.

OILS conference: What We Do


Rafael Lazar
PhD Student

As an early career life scientist, the team's dedication to the open science concept is a true inspiration! I am looking forward to following and supporting the growth of the project.

Hans Widmer
Associate Director, External Science & Partnerships at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

The OILS conference builds networks among scientists of all sectors and promotes collaboration across organizations

Mateusz Wietcha
Senior Research Scientist at ETH Zurich

The OILS conference was one of the most unique meetings I have ever attended, combining exciting research talks, career development, and lively discussions about the culture of science in academia and industry.

Charles Delany
Managing Partner at Expand Healthcare Consulting GmbH

Showcase of Swiss University talent and healthcare ideas. Take time to meet and support the next generation of innovators

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