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Open science is the practice of science where data, lab notes, publications, etc. are made publicly available to enable reuse, redistribution, and reproducibility of all parts of the research process. Such practices encourage collaborations and make science more efficient. Open is the way of doing science for the leaders of tomorrow.

As a part of Life Science Zurich, we at OILS help life scientists understand what open science is to them and, most importantly, how to practice open science as part of their research routines via public discussions, workshops, courses, and our annual Open Innovation in Life Sciences conference. Everything we do is motivated by early career life scientists and supported by leaders in open science.

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Annual Open Innovation in Life Sciences Conference

Sharing research, career development, and connecting academia, industry, and society.

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23-24 Sep, 2021

Public discussions and lectures

Deep dives into active issues of open science

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Workshops and Courses

Learning the tools and practices of open science

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Upcoming Events

  • 4th Annual OILS Conference
    4th Annual OILS Conference
    23. Sept., 08:00 MESZ – 24. Sept., 12:00 MESZ
    Online talks, Onsite Reception in Zürich.
    Bringing early career researchers together with industry and society to share research and develop careers in the light of open science.
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Meet the Team


Joyce Kao, Ph.D.

Program Director,  Co-Founder

Dr. Joyce Kao was the co-chair of the inaugural Open Innovation in Life Sciences 2018 conference planning  committee and served on the advisory board to the 2019 committee. She brings years of experience founding programs and organzing causes to drive the vision of OILS forward.


Christina Ambrosi, Ph.D.

Operations Director, Co-Founder

Christina Ambrosi was the co-chair of the 2nd Open Innovation in Life Science 2019 conference planning committee. Dr. Ambrosi has a passion for keeping OILS well-organized and in line with the goal of creating an open science future.


Devmini Moonamale

Associate Director

Devmini Moonamale served on the organizational committee for the Open Innovation in Life Sciences 2020 conference. Ms. Moonamale is a PhD student in Cancer Biology 
in the Department of Oncology at Children’s University Hospital Zurich.


Theresa Rauschendorfer

Associate Director

Theresa Rauschendorfer was an integral part of the first virtual Open Innovation in Life Science conference in 2020. She is currently a PhD student in the Institute of Molecular Health Sciences at ETH Zürich.

General Assembly of Early Career Researchers

Future Leaders of the Open Science Movement

We work with a collaborative group of up and coming scientists helping them bring their open innovation visions to life by providing mentorship and infrastructure.

OILS welcomes new members all year round.

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OILS Advisory Board

Our association is guided by our expert advisory board members who are open science leaders from academia, non-profits, and industry.

Contact us if you are a seasoned professional interested in helping our grassroots initiative!

Silvie Cuperus, Ph.D.

Head of Life Science Zurich

Wen Hwa Lee, Ph.D.

CEO of Action Against Age Macular Degeneration

Dr. Hans Widmer

Associate Director External Science and Partnerships at Novartis

Mark Robinson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Statistical Genomics and Open Science Delegate at the University of Zürich

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Life Science Zurich

Winterthurerstrasse 190
CH-8057 Zürich

+ 41 (0)44 635 35 01

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